Brand Story

Colors lend life to the unsung melodies of our imagination. Our founder and creative force, Sindhu Reddy makes these melodies flow through the drapes of timeless couture to bring alive a fine line of modern heirlooms.

Rooted in Indian design sensibilities yet out rightly Avant-grade, the collection at Sindhu Reddy speaks volumes about her personal style. Growing up, she was influenced by colors and their vivacity to transform any mood board. Sindhu translated her inspiration and love for fusion Indian wear to curate masterpieces that stand the test of time - styles that are a seamless blend of classic Indian crafts and contemporary aesthetics. You can find the cultural and color contrasts of India beautifully interwoven into the drapes of our ensembles, narrating a saga or two about the rich and varied legacy.

The Sindhu Reddy Woman is an epitome of elegance and grace, personified with a hint of modern day trends. Our masterpieces offer an aristocratic design sensibility to let your individuality shine through.

Discover the world of Sindhu Reddy!!!